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Special Moments. Captured Forever.

"As an award-winning charcoal portrait artist, I've studied extensively how to capture the emotions of my subject and let their face speak words for them. This knowledge transfers perfectly to wedding photography because great wedding photography doesn't only consist of great posing and glamorous lighting. The main element in my opinion that results in a great shoot is bringing out the emotions you two have for each other, bringing your energy as a couple forward, and putting it all on display in the form of a picture rather than words. My job is complete when your photos speak the words you feel for each other."



  First off, congratulations on your special day!


Whether he just popped the question or you've been planning for a while, I am happy you are here and want to thank you for checking out my page. I know that there are countless wedding photographer options and it's extremely difficult to pick one.


As everyone says, your wedding is going to be one of the days that you hold dear to your heart for the rest of your life. Trust me, this isn't my first gig, and the hype is true! 


   With that said, my team and I want to ensure that capturing your favorite moments on your special day is as painless and as fun as possible. My goal is to give you every single moment of your wedding day to remember. You gotta have that shot of you and your bridesmaids poppin' the bubbly before you get hitched? Absolutely. You're envisioning a framed portrait of you and your new life partner sitting by your bedside for the next 40+ years? You got it. From getting your hair and make-up done to your final kiss at the sendoff, we won't miss a moment.


My team and I couple decades of artistic experience with a journalistic approach that allows us to turn your special day into a long, beautiful story for you to relive. My team and I are officially on the wedding squad once you hire us on, which means we are here for you and your partner in any artistic capacity!

So you think I got what you're looking for? Send me a message and I would love to meet up with you and talk wedding! 



Jocelyn L., Tampa, FL

My wedding day was so special thanks to Brenden. My photos are so beautiful and him and his team were very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend his services.


Jean-Yves L., Paris, France

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... so how does this all work?

Kellie K., Roanoke, VA

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 Let's face it, picking a wedding photographer can sometimes seem as daunting as it was to pick who you are going to meet at the alter. So here's how to do this! 


Step 1 

Feel free to creep through my site and social media and see if my style and personality will vibe with you and your big day! Just a heads up, I am not just a wedding photographer. I am also an award winning charcoal portrait artist and photograph for most occasions. I feel that this unique background in the arts helps set me ahead of the more technical photographers.

Proceed to step two if I pass your FBI level of vetting.  

Step 2 

Pop on over to my Contact Me page and send me message with little bit about you, your partner, your big day, your fur babies, your hobbies, your favorite colors.... okay you get it, all the good stuff! The more I know about you and the start of your new life together, the more creative I can get with your wedding portraits. 

Step 3 

I promise not to wait three days to message you back, I think that rule is silly. I'll get back to you with lots of good information and be sure to answer all of your questions! 


Step 4 

Now assuming we hit it off in our first correspondence, we can make plans to meet up and talk details over coffee, Skype, FaceTime, or whatever your busy schedule allows! 

Step 5 

You like me, I like you, so let's do the dang thing! After we've come up with which package fits your special day the best, the finalizing details include a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of $500. This locks in your special day so no one can steal it from you!



Package Investments


- One Photographer & Assistant

- Complimentary Engagement Session

- 6 Hours of Photography

- 250-400 Photos

- Digital Photo Album

- Custom Engraved Flash Drive



- Two Photographers & Assistant

- Complimentary Engagement Session

- 8 Hours of Photography

- 500-800 Photos

- Digital Photo Album

- Custom Engraved Flash Drive



- Two Photographers & Assistant

- Complimentary Engagement Session

- 10 Hours of Photography

- 600-1000 Photos

- Digital Photo Album

- Custom Engraved Flash Drive

- Two 18x24 Canvas Prints



How many photos will we get?

This number varies. If you've selected a package that includes two photographers, it can be anywhere from 500-1000 photos. If you are getting a package that is just one photographer, you can expect anywhere from 250-400 photos. This number varies greatly depending on the events of your day and the size of your wedding!

How long will it take to see my photos?

Your wedding photography will be edited in it's entirety in 8 weeks. However, I love getting home from the wedding and immediately getting on the computer to edit a handful of the more exciting shots. So you'll get a taste of the photos within 24 hours of your special day!

How will we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos in two forms. First, I will send a Dropbox link to your digital photo album. From here you can view and download your photos in high resolution. After editing is done, you will receive a custom engraved wooden flash drive, so you have a special hard copy to remember your day!

Can I have the unedited or RAW photos?

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.

How far will you travel?

I'm super camera shy, can you help me?

Do you do religious, non religious and same sex weddings?